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Nicky Campbell @ Radio One
From Manilow to UFOs & Jimmy Gutterman's Worst Rock & Roll Tracks of all time.
The Worst Rock-And-Roll Tracks of All Time
as chosen by Jimmy Guterman
Jimmy Guterman has written for Rolling Stone, Musician, and Spy. His other books include Rockin' My Life Away: Listening to Jerry Lee Lewis, Sinead - Her Life and Music, 12 Days on the Road - The Sex Pistols and America and The Best Rock 'N' Roll Records of All Time.
His many compilations for Rhino include The Sun Records Collection box set and All Killer, No Filler: The Jerry Lee Lewis Anthology. He lives in Massachusetts and runs Vineyard Development.
"Jack and Diane, a powerful and poignant paean to American consciousness, but according to Jimmy Gutterman my guest tonight, an American journalist who's written for Rolling Stone, one of the worst Rock and Roll records of all time…..how dare you!"
"You also in your book list some of the very worst albums that have ever been made and I'll just play a snippet of one of them"
"You say Live at Budokan by Bob Dylan, is the most harmful action a major American has inflicted on the Japanese people since Harry Truman gave the go ahead to level Nagasaki?"
"That record really epitomised the smug chauvinism of West Coast Rock and is also stupid, which fits in with West Coast Rock and gives you the link between Stephen Stills and The Eagles"
"What about Richard Harris and McArthur Park, a seven minute classic surely?"
"We're also want to discuss Metal Machine Music, the classic Lou Reed album, I've got it here somewhere. Why did Lou Reed do this album?"
"Billy Joel comes up as your all time worse Rock and Roller, right at the top of the pile, the bottom of the heap………"
"What fun this is, this is marvellous this is"
"Listen, a lot of people are calling in and they hate you…"
"A sad tale about a sad boy, he started with life being good, but then a terrible thing happened, his parents gave him a sister......"
Still to come: Neil Diamond & more from Timothy Good on UFOs.
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