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Nicky Campbell @ Radio One
From Manilow to UFOs & Jimmy Gutterman's Worst Rock & Roll Tracks of all time.
Barry Manilow 
Often maligned by critics, Barry Manilow was one of the best-selling balladeers of the 1970s. Although he began his career by writing advertising jingles in the late 1960s, his work as the producer on Bette Midler's first two albums earned him his own recording contract. A string of hits followed, beginning with Mandy and Copacabana, which in 1979, earned him a Grammy award. Latterly, he has been experimenting with jazz and standards. 
"We went through all this last time, about your life story and all this nonsense about the nose and about how in fact you have a very small nose"
"Being a star such as you are, did you develop this charisma, did you work on it, or were you always the kind of person who would command people to look at you, to stare at you?"
"I could be great in a Cocktail Lounge really you know. If my career takes a dive I'm ready"
"I was amazed to hear this kind of song on the radio back then because I was in competition at that point with Kung Fu Fighting"
"So much of this is like Jewish American music isn't it?"
"Oh no! You take us there don't you. You tease us"
"I made it through the rain"
"The Broadway style influenced my writing"
"Oh please, it's the suicide song"
"This is the magic of radio. There's a couple somewhere who turn their radio on and they're going through exactly that"
" Do you really want to hear that old turkey?"
Still to come: Neil Diamond & more from Timothy Good on UFOs.
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