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Nicky Campbell @ Radio One
From Manilow to UFOs & Jimmy Gutterman's Worst Rock & Roll Tracks of all time.
Timothy Good
Timothy Good is highly regarded as one of the premier UFO researchers in the world and in 1989 he became the first researcher from the West to be interviewed on UFOs by Soviet television. 

His research suggests that not only is the Earth being visited regularly by extra terrestrials, but there is also a world-wide cover-up, perpetrated by the intelligence communities of virtually every government on Earth. 

"You contend that Aliens have landed on this planet, have collaborated with at least one Government that you know of - the U.S. Government - and whether we believe that or not, at the very least, Governments, Soviet, U.S. British, are covering up something………… "
"What if these Aliens are here, where are they and what are they doing?"
"You present evidence in the book that says there have been crashes, or these aliens have wilfully come to earth and in fact, as of 1988, there is at least one alien working with the U.S. government"
"I think some of these Aliens are dangerous, that's as far as I am prepared to go, some people have suffered"
"There are defence implications first of all. For Governments to openly acknowledge that there are Alien vehicles coming into our airspace, against which we have inadequate defence should the need arise, is a very risky thing to admit"
"I spoke to one of the two Doctors who examined him following this encounter and they were convinced that he was suffering from some kind of radiation sickness, or at least a cosmic clap"
"I have had some bizarre experiences in my life with people I believe could be from elsewhere"
"The official position of Her Majesty's Government, is that they only have about three staff in Whitehall who are able to handle enquiries from the Public about this subject and deal with reports; but in my own conversations with Ministry of Defence officials, they have admitted the involvement of The Defence Intelligence Staff, specifically DI55"
"These Aliens indicate that there have been various genetic corrections in the human species, over a period of tens of thousands of years, progressive corrective corrections……"
"In Belgium the most extraordinary developments have been occurring since late 1989"
"According to one of the 120 briefing papers that Bob Lizar claims to have read at this ultra-Top Secret site in the Nevada desert, some of them at least are from Zeeta Reticuli, which is a binary system, a two star solar system, about 37 light years from Earth"
"He visited a secret N.O.R.A.D. facility in the Gulf of Mexico, where he was shown UFOs being tracked and some of them apparently landing"
"All right; these UFOs then, they are merely Top Secret, top of the range aircraft - new technology?"
"You speculate in the book that President Eisenhower met Aliens"
Still to come: Neil Diamond & more from Timothy Good on UFOs.
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